User-friendly Online Accommodation Booking System

Hotel booking System is a user-friendly online accommodation booking system that integrates seamlessly with your existing website, empowering you to take reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Suited to single hotels, motels, resorts, B&B’s right through to hotel chains, so no matter how big or how small your hotel is, you can truly benefit from providing a cost effective booking system from your very own website. Hotel booking system offers one low Flat Rate Fee per confirmed reservation, no minimum monthly fees, no maintenance fees, and no setup fees. The system checks in real time room availability, prices, etc and pay online with credit cards. The prices vary as per the season and for the type of room (single, double, with balcony, etc). It provides the facility to give discounts for long stays, returning guests and many more. It can be easily managed and updated from back office. Instant notification is sent via fax and email to the hotels.

End Users have separate login to track their reservations and cancel them. Site owners have separate login to manage the entire portal. Individual hoteliers have their own login to manage their room availability and check up for their reservations. The system delivers real-time online reservations to consumers, travel agencies and corporate clients directly from the web site

Overall Benefits:

o Saves valuable time, and cuts costs as Availability checks and instant confirmations eliminate email exchanges between Guests and your Reservations Department.
o Reliable and user-friendly system is easy-to-follow, with uncluttered screens and prompts
o Advanced search functions allow your guests to search your website for accommodation in their chosen destination. Search results indicate whether accommodation is available
o Grab attention by cross-selling and up-selling, offer promotions, and redeem coupons with the P2P (Product to Product) Up-Sell Display Linking and Integrated Coupon & Discount Engine
o Automate inquiry and guest contact management with instant Confirmation
o Distributing “last minute” rates to travel agents, corporate clients and Internet users
o Dynamic Room Allotment Reduces Distribution costs
o Promote Hot Deals

Online Hotel Booking – A Quick and Easy Way to Book Your Hotel Room

The advent of internet has completely changed the way the hotel industry runs its business. The tourists or travelers are the major source of income of the hotels. As a result the hotels have started to use the internet technology in providing the round’ the clock service to its customers in form of reservation through Online Hotel Booking system. Presently majority of hotels worldwide employ this form of hotel reservation system.

Prior to internet, writing letter, or inquiring through a telephone or taking services of an agent were the mode of making a hotel reservation. It was a time consuming affair. But in the present scenario, the availability of rooms, information about type of accommodation available, discount rates offered, special packages and other important information can be easily available on the computer screen, by clicking the button. The website of the hotel allows for direct contact with the customer care to inquire and clear about certain conditions before booking the room. Further this facility allows the visitor to cancel his or her booking by using their hotel’s cancellation policy without making any advance deposit.

Internet has enabled large hotel chains to link up with airlines national distribution network. This information of the hotel is passed on to the travel agents, who further offer accommodations through Online Hotel Booking link, to their online customers. This format of booking allows for lot of flexibility to the guest by giving them the opportunity to make last minute travel arrangement. If some rooms are still available in the hotels, the special discount rates offered at the last minute can immensely benefit the guests. Thus this system offers both the customer and the hotel enough options to work out a deal in a very short period of time. Sabers, World span, Travel-port are examples of national distribution system or also known as GDS. It is a centralized system that provides direct link with hotels worldwide. This form of Online Hotel Booking is just a tentative reservation that requires the payment to be made only at time of check-in, without any necessity of making an advance deposit.

The advantage that a traveler enjoys in getting access to genuine information about the hotel and its’ location, help him or her to nicely plan the trip. Also the budget to be incurred during the stay can be easily known. This greatly helps in planning the trip as per the available budget. Further online system helps visitor, by providing him or her detailed information about the hotel and its’ attractions. The traveler can easily plan the trip well in advance and also avail the benefits of special discount schemes offered. In this way, one can reduce the budget of trip, considerably.

But there are few risks associated with Online Hotel Booking. Prior to booking the room it is important for the traveler to verify all the credentials of the hotel or the travel company, whether it legitimate or not, because of problem of identity theft. Only after being completely assured, booking should be done and sensitive personal details like credit card information towards payment should be given. It is important to use only that website of travel agents or hotel companies that respect privacy laws. In the end Online Hotel Booking system is very useful and efficient option available to the travelers which, if used safely, gets rids of all the hassles that are associated with booking a hotel room

Hotel Reservation System Software – Which Hotel Reservation Software?

Why should we use hotel reservation system software, and is it really needed for today’s business? Many types of businesses in this industry use it to better the quality of their services – hotels, guest houses, motels, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, inns, and others. But doesn’t the old fashioned pencil and paper method of keeping booking records and such do a good enough job of it all? Not if you want to avoid the many errors and mishaps that such a method is prone to cause.

You see, with using hotel reservation system software, you have the means of instantly accessing all of your records at a fingertip’s reach. Everything is constantly updated automatically, and can even be very easily printed out at a moment’s notice.

How many times have you suffered from this faux pas – you had to turn down a client because a reservation was previously made, but then later you come to find that the expected customer has become a no show… and worse still, upon further looking into things, you find that the reservation wasn’t even guaranteed. This is a prime example of what can be avoided when using hotel reservation system software.

Another great feature is that it is fully customizable, and most hotel reservation system software packages can be configured to display and print in most any language. The fact is, that the way hotel reservation system software keeps everything automatically updated, and provides instant access to any and all files and records at a moment’s notice, makes for a very sound investment for this industry, and is a workhorse for all of our reservation and booking record needs today.

Hotel Reservation System Development Benefits

With everything now going digital, hotels know how important it is to have an online presence that makes it possible for their guests and potential customers to get details, directions and even bookings from any given place and at any given time. Travelers find it easier to book their accommodation long before getting to their destination of choice and this is where a good hotel reservation system comes to the rescue of the hotel.

When getting your hotel website developed, you might also find it very important to have the reservation system developed to complete it. It can be such a loss for your company if potential customers love what they see and gather from your site but simply have no way to confirm space availability and even reserve their desired rooms to meet their accommodation needs. With a good system developed, your hotel will stand to enjoy several benefits.

Increased online bookings – The convenience of managing to book from any given place and time is welcomed by all and this is what will increase your hotel bookings. It is most beneficial compared to waiting for your customers to physically find your hotel so they can make the reservations. The system makes it possible for them to know how many rooms are available, the types and the rates of the rooms. This eases decision making and they end up making bookings.

Enhanced efficiency – This is another advantage you will have with reservation system development. You won’t have to worry about human errors common with email confirmations that could contain wrong information. The system also eliminates the barriers that come with time difference. Your site will reach out to all without any barriers and without any misguiding which is beneficial in every sense.

Reduced costs and time wasting – It can get tedious to reply to every email enquiry from your customers or visitors. It can be costly and time consuming. When you have a hotel reservation system developed, you can forget about spending too much time making the replies. Your visitors and guests will find all the information they require from a well-organized website and have an easy time making reservations without engaging anyone or needing help. The system will offer convenience to the customers too since they get immediate feedback on what they are interested in.

Improved customer database – With the online reservation systems, your business will enjoy easy time collecting personal information of the guests. This works great when you wish to have a customer database you can use later. With such a list, you can get in touch with the guests even after they have left and this opens up chances to market offers and deals. You can actually get repeat customers through strategic use of the information that you end up gathering when they make reservations from your website. There is nothing as beneficial and valuable as a business that has a reliable clientele. When you have strategy bound to be successful, you can turn your guests to reliable clients and even get recommended

Online Booking System – Luxury for Both Business and Consumers

In recent years online shopping has become very popular. Over time, consumers have developed an interest in finding products online by visiting the websites of retailers directly, or by simply doing a search across many different vendors using a shopping search engine.

Many websites administrators have taken advantage of this growing trend to provide free online booking forms for various business sites for customers to start making bookings instantly through their powerful and flexible systems. The bookings have been known to provide an ideal system for merry makers to plan ahead and book holiday homes, tourist destinations, resorts and even hotels. As a result this online booking system has enabled many sites to facilitate secure online transactions, a phenomenon that did not exist a decade ago.

According to popular polls, holidays are exciting when you enjoy luxury and comfort that you specifically organized before time. This has in turn, revolutionized the hotel and lodging industry in the sense that hotel reservation software is no longer a luxury but has evolved to become a very important aspect that is used to judge the status of a given hotel company.

Traditionally, the hotel reservation software program, as the name suggests, was meant exclusively for making reservations. However, with the unexpected growth of businesses in the 21st century it has been developed to offer additional services that make over- the -counter booking easier. Other additional services include tracking storage of goods, managing staff salaries, overseeing upgrades and keeping up with the needs of hotel guests.

With its growing popularity and high rate of incorporation in businesses, many people are becoming more and more aware of online booking systems. Shockingly enough though, there are still many people who understand very little about the life changing development that is taking place in the 21st century and its benefits. This article will simply touch on a few advantages of this online booking system and the reasons for their widespread popularity.

When it comes to online booking software, speed has been known to play a major role in its rapid growth. With the touch of a button we are able to save time and energy. This is simply because an online booking system will reduce the duration of tasks that normally took hours to mere minutes of typing.

A remarkable reduction in errors has also been noted with these systems. This is because the software is sophisticated. Designed to reject inconsistent information thus making online booking the most efficient way of conducting transactions. Plus, the risk of double booking has been known to diminish greatly.

Fraudsters beware. Credit card identity theft is soon to be a thing of the past since personal credit card information is permanently locked to one user. This software also allows for exact head counts when the booking is complete hence provides a very high levels of accuracy.

Perhaps the greatest reason for the spread of online booking software is the ability to compare price ranges online before the booking is finalized. This has helped travelers plan for their trips fully by helping them to foresee and budget for any unexpected expenses that might crop up.

Further more, this system has also been known to provide complete information about various hotels and the amenities offered by them, making it possible to select the best hotels from a wide database according to your choice and budget, and enjoy a perfectly pleasant and memorable holiday.